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44 Bathroom Tools to Make Life Easier

Bathroom Tools to Make Life Easier


44 Bathroom Tools to Make Life Easier

For this series, we find those out there tools you have never heard about so they can fix those problems you have always had. Stop doing things the hard way. In this version, we focus on the Bathroom, where additional time or a better experience is key. Here is the list of those key Bathroom Tools to Make Life Easier.

44. Bathroom Mirror Wiper
A novelty. Like a windshield wiper but for your bathroom mirror. – $6.99

43. Cupcake Contact Storage
Want to store your contacts in cupcakes, here you go. – $3.00

42. Microphone Sponge
To really kick up your shower singing game. – $12.99

41. High and Dry Soap Saver
Little mesh mat for soap dish to stop water dissolving you soap. – $5.62

40. Artistic Trellis Wastebasket
Trash basket that is also a classy piece of art. – $28.81

39. Shampoo Smart Funnel
Device that allows you to get every last bit out of the bottle. – $9.99

38. Double Hamper
Clothes holder with multiple compartments for easy sorting. – $39.96

37. Towel Wall Rack
Special rack that holds multiple towels and looks great. – $24.99

36. Rust Destroyer Spray Gel
Revolutionary compound that removes stains unlike any other. – $6.27

35. Weighted Wipe Dispenser
Dispenser with plate on bottom so easy to take just one wipe. – $16.99

34. Wallmount Mason Jar Organizer
Wall fixture with row of mason jars to hold various. – $20.99

33. Stayput Towel Wrap
A towel wrap with smart technology to stay up. – $11.99

32. Stackable Storage Baskets
Modular wicker baskets to fill any storage need. – $39.95

31. Toothpaste Squeezer
Ringer for the toothpaste tube to squeeze out every last bit. – $7.69

30. Waterproof Notepad
Mountable notepad and pen you can use in the shower. – $8.90

29. Body Cardio Scale
Futuristic scale that checks other things. – $69.95

28. Rubber Holder for Hot Styling Tools
Rubber holster for holding curling irons or the like. – $18.99

27. Shower Bomb
Explosive shower/bath companion full of aromas and cleanliness. – $19.87

26. Drain Millipede
Snake like device that helps unclog drains. – $5.28

25. Three Tier Surface Organizer
Unit that allows for more efficient storage of toiletries. – $6.99

24. Scrub Daddy
Sponge that is like no other in the cleaning department. – $12.29

23. Stylish Toilet Brush
Standing toilet brush that looks nicer to class up your bathroom. – $20.99

22. Mesh Water Resistant Tote
A Bathroom Tools to Make Life Easier staple you need. – $24.99

21. Bath Pillow
Luxurious place to put your head while taking a bath. – $15.99

20. Toilet Bowl Cleaning System
Automated system to clip on your toilet so you don’t have to clean. – $12.57

19. Door Hooks for Towels
Hooks that clip on the backs of doors to hang things. – $8.99

18. Adjustable Ring Magnification Mirror
Customizable sidekick mirror for all your close up needs. – $59.99

17. SipCaddy Shower Portable Cupholder
Suction cup device that holds wine or other beverages. – $13.95

16. Magic Toilet Night Light
Device that lights up toilet bowl for easy middle-of-the-night use. – $11.99

15. Sonicare Bluetooth Toothbrush
Specialty electronic toothbrush that is about as futuristic as it gets. – $279.90

14. Tapi faucet water fountain
Rubber adapter for sink that turns into a fountain with squeeze. – $18.70

13. Scalp Massager
Pronged device for in shower use that feels like a salon washing. – $6.98

12. Tile Mopping Robot
Like a Rumba robot vacuum but for floor tiles. – $179.99

11. Shower Caddy
Modular device for around shower head that holds cleaning items. – $19.99

10. Bathtub Caddy
Tray for wine, iPads, soaps etc that stretches tub. – $44.97

09. Skylarlife Gel Tile Cleaner
Revolutionary cleaner that does the job unlike any other. – $12.99

08. Tempur Pedic Bath Mat
Bath mat that uses revolutionary technology for more comfort. – $18.99

07. TubShroom Drain Protector
Special drain plug in that catches things before they clog. – $16.99

06. Personal Towel Warmer
Electronic device to heat towels for luxurious shower exit. – $36.92

05. Before-You-Go Odor Neutralizer
Spray before you go to neutralize odors. – $8.38

04. iPhone / iPad Shower Curtain
Clear shower curtain with spaces to hold iPads and iPhones. – $15.74

03. Automatic Shower Cleaner
Automatic system that hangs in shower and cleans. – $276.49

02. Waterproof Shower Speaker
Audio device for worry-free use in showers and baths. – $20.99

01. Textured Plush Robe
Luxurious textured robe on the forefront of comfort technology. – $47.84

If you have any tips on other bathroom tools to make life easier, let us know. We appreciate the tips and feedback!!

*Disclaimer: This page uses affiliate links, so if you do happen to buy something, we may get a bonus for that.

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