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16 Best Life Hack Products

Life Hack Products


16 Best Life Hack Products

The best life hack products you didn’t know you needed. While adding “hack” to the end of words is borderline creepy, but you at least now know what I am talking about. The products on this list are little simple things that run the gamut of life, that will SHOCKINGLY MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. This is of course not a guarantee but try it for your self. These little tiny improvements that are right under your nose result in the 16 best life hack products you didn’t know you needed.

Life Hack Products | Cool Cooler
source: Amazon

#16 Party Cooler

Just making the list of the best life hack products is an improvement to an age old convenience. In a few years, it is going to be ridiculous to think about a cooler that doesn’t charge your phone battery, use technology to keep ice cold and conveniently open your bottles. This life hack product has all that and more. It will change your life to have these additional options available to you. So many little opportunities have the potential to just get a little better. It adds up. Do yourself a favor, buy one and then look back in a few years and laugh.

$350 | TUNES2GO KoolMAX Cooler Audio System & Power Station (Grey)

Life Hack Products | Water Bottle Humidifier
source: Amazon

#15 Water Bottle Humidifier Cap

We take for granted our hydration level and that is why this makes the list of life hack products you didn’t know you needed. As an aside, drink lots of water, in fact stop what you are doing now and go drink some water. This simple, small, ingenious life hack product makes it very easy to save you from dry air. A danger that only becomes too real, when its too late.

$24 | Opaceluuk Personal Bottle Cap Mini Humidifier

Life Hack Products | Microwave Cover
source: Amazon

#14 Microwave Plate Cover

You will soon realize you have been doing it wrong. You would never think a little plastic would do so much but this life hack product does. Think of every problem you have with taste when microwaving. Boom, thats all gone. This type of innovation is what great life hack products are all about.

$8 | Tovolo Vented, Easy Grip, Collapsible Microwave Cover, 10.5 Inch

Life Hack Products | Bag Re-sealer
source: Amazon

#13 Bag Re-Sealer Fridge Magnet

We waste so much food. This life hack product can prevent that, and it is so easy. Food packaging is even built for this, it is win win for everyone. You will be shocked at how often you use this.

$15 | Rytaki Handheld Bag Heat Sealer & Cutter

Life Hack Products | Pizza Scissors
source: Amazon

#12 Pizza Scissors

This item on the list of the best life hack products may be on the novelty side but thats fine. You don’t have to buy these specific pizza scissors, but please please do yourself a favor and try and cut a pizza with scissors instead of a pizza cutter. It will shock you how much this pioneer in life hack products changes the game.

$9 | Internet’s Best 13 Inch Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors

Life Hack Products | Ove Glove
source: Amazon

#11 Ove Glove

Technology has come a long way in oven handling technology. Do yourself a favor and ditch the random towel or giant bit for this life hack product. People will be amazed at how much better and faster the cooking experience becomes.

$15 | Ove’ Glove, Heat Resistant, Hot Surface Handler

Life Hack Products | Laundy Folder
source: Amazon

#10 Laundry Fold Board

Folding laundry precisely is annoying at not easy. Cue the solution. This plastic board is configured to easily make the perfect fold and in record time. Simple ingenuity at its finest with this champion in killer life hack products.

$15 | Boxlegend shirt folding board

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Life Hack Products | Arm Rest Table
source: Amazon

#09 Couch Armrest Table

The main problem with a couch can typically be no access to tablespace. Nothing robust but enough for a drink. This handy tool turns any armrest real estate into functioning table space. This life hack product is a game-changer and looks fantastic.

$23 | Baarbird Sofa Armrest Table Tray 

Life Hack Products | Tile Anything Finder
source: Amazon

#08 Bluetooth Tile Tracker

Simple and sleek, this technology doesn’t revolution the world but it solves a major problem well. We live in a world where if we want to track something, anything, we should be able to. Well now we can, for a cheap price and with a device around the size of a cracker.

$40 | Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

Life Hack Products | Self Massager
source: Amazon

#07 Back Massager

This hunk of plastic bumps and handles can throw you into a state of ecstasy. Take massage into your own hands and apply this simple device to your back, neck, anything. Sit and watch tv while you do it, this is definitely the simplest on the best life hack products list.

$30Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

Life Hack Products | Sponge Caddy
source: Amazon

#06 Sponge Caddy

Hey guys, ever wash something in the sink with a sponge, finish, and then have no idea where to put the sponge? The answer is so simple, they make these little cases that stick to the side of your sink and hold the sponge. For those that no this you are thinking “no duh” and I hope thats true. If not, this has been a very important public service announcement.

$7InterDesign Gia Suction Kitchen Sink Caddy Sponge Holder

Life Hack Products | Shower Speaker
source: Amazon

#05 Easy Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker

The time has come, audio in the bathroom. We are conditioned to think water + electronics = bad. Now that devises are compact and technology has brought us waterproof and mobile, this is becoming common place. Pick one up and listen to your favorite music or podcast every morning with this great life hack product.

$18 | Onido Wireless Shower Bluetooth Speaker With Suction Cup

Life Hack Products | Car Phone Mount
source: Amazon

#04 Magnetic Car Phone Mount

In this day and age there are so many reasons you need quick access to your phone while in your car. Well after years the technology has been perfected and now it is here. This is the answer, versatile, stylish, doesn’t interfere with your car, etc. Maybe not the most innovative on the list of life hack products, but its one that gets it absolutely correct.

$7WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Life Hack Products | Seat Gap Filler
source: Amazon

#03 In-Between-Seats Catcher Car Pocket

Nothing is more annoying then something falling in the middle of the seat crevice while you drive. Every time you swear you are going to do something about it, but you never do. Well do it now. This premium sleeve goes in the crack between your car seat and collects all the loose goods in an easy and convenient manner. We cannot stress enough how this best life hack products entry will save you from frustration over and over again.

$17 | Lebogner Black Gap Filler Premium

Life Hack Products | Air Fryer
source: Amazon

#02 Air Fryer

This is the biggest thing in cooking since the microwave. This replaces the fryer but uses and air technique instead of frying deep in a vat of oil. It is also so simple it can easily fit in the home. The future is now. A little bit more on the expensive side of this life hack products list, but worth every penny.

$100GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL

Life Hack Products | Wifi Plug
source: Amazon

#01 Smart Home Stuff

The smart home is the future and this absolutely tops the Best Life Hack Products list by a long shot. Imagine this, a calm alarm wakes you up, using your voice you stop it, as you continue to lay there, you ask to turn on the light and to have the news recited to you. All very possible for $60.

$19 | Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

$50 | Amazon Echo Dot

What do you think of our list of the life hack products you did not know you needed? Let us know in the comments below.

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