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24 Best Specialty Hot Sandwiches

Best Hot Sandwiches | Hot Pastrami on Rye


24 Best Specialty Hot Sandwiches

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The sandwich was invented in 1762 when England’s fourth Earl of Sandwich was on a 24 hour gambling binge and he told his cook to make him something that wouldn’t interfere with his game. Since that time, some culinary geniuses have made some delicious sandwich staples that have become part of society. Below is the definitive list of the best hot sandwiches.

Best Hot Sandwiches | Elvis Sandwich
source: Matthew Field / Flickr

#24 The Elvis

WHAT: Bananas and peanut butter cooked up grilled cheese style.

WHY: This one was brought into popularity by Elvis, who was said to eat these by the truck load.

HOW: This is a make it at home type of concoction, not something you are going to see out at restaurants.

Best Hot Sandwiches | Patty Melt
source: Lucas Richarz / Flickr

#23 Patty Melt

WHAT: A burger that is constructed like a sandwich, and cooked like a melt.

WHY: Writers suggested that Los Angeles restauranteur Tiny Naylor may have invented the patty melt in the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s as a new dish for their restaurants. LA institutions Tiny Naylor’s, Du-par’s, and Wolfgang Puck’s Granita.

HOW: This has become a staple of the diner and can be found in your favorite greasy spoon restaurant around the US.

Best Hot Sandwiches | BLT
source: Vermontgirl / Flickr

#22 B.L.T.

WHAT: The ingredients are in the name – bacon, lettuce and tomato. Served on toast with a healthy spread of mayo.

WHY: This became popular after WW2 when the ingredients became readily available year round. Abbreviating the name into three letters happened in the 70s.

HOW: This is probably the second most common sandwich on this list of best hot sandwiches. That being said, it doesn’t really fit into any specific restaurant category so it can’t necessarily be found that many places. Good news is it is incredibly easy to make and a lunch or dinner favorite in homes everywhere.

Best Hot Sandwiches | Thanksgiving Sandwich
source: minhthybach / Flickr

#21 Thanksgiving Sandwich (aka the Pilgrim, aka the Gobbler)

WHAT: Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry, gravy (at a minimum) but then add any Thanksgiving leftovers that are available the next day. Served on a thick bread to support the weight.

WHY: This one is an American favorite that just came to be as a natural progression of how we think. If you have a lot of random foods that go together, it makes sense to make a sandwich. This can be seen in the great variance in the ingredients, there are no rules.

HOW: The mother of all opportunities to eat this sandwich is by making it yourself with thanksgiving leftovers the day after the holiday in November. However, this idea, has spawned a simpler version of this sandwich sold in places like Trader Joe’s. It takes the idea of the salty turkey being cut through by a touch of sweet cranberry with some of the interesting textures of stuffing.

Best Hot Sandwiches | Italian Grindner
source: pjpink / Flickr

#20 Italian Hero

WHAT: Made with meats such as salami, capicolla, mortadella, and ham along with provolone or American cheese, tomato, onion, sour pickle, green bell pepper, banana peppers, black olives, olive oil or salad oil, salt and black pepper. Served on an Italian roll and can be done in both cold and hot (roasted) varieties.

WHY: The sandwich was invented 1903 by Giovanni Amato, an Italian baker in Portland, Maine. He was selling his bread on a cart and workers would ask he slice it open and add meats for a lunch meal. Dawning the creation of this best specialty hot sandwiches champion.

HOW: Pretty much any sandwich shop in existence will have this as a staple. A good thing to buy out so you don’t have to make a major investment in Italian meats just to build a sandwich.

Best Hot Sandwiches | Pulled Pork Sandwich
source: Elane Graves / Flickr

#19 Pulled Pork

WHAT: Slow cooked pork shoulder in BBQ sauces served on a bun, maybe with a few pickles or coleslaw.

WHY: History unknown.

HOW: This sandwich is a staple of the BBQ restaurant and should be no problem to find. It is also incredibly easy to make in a crock pot so highly recommend.

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