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44 Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier

Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier


44 Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier

For this series, we find those out there tools you have never heard about so they can fix those problems you have always had. Stop doing things the hard way. In this version, we start with the kitchen, where additional time or a better experience is key. Here is the list of those key Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier.

44. Tear-Free Onion Goggles
Obnoxious glasses that do just that. Good gag gift. – $17.49

43. Condiment Gun
Another novelty. Fun for kids. – $16.95

42. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray
Ice tray that makes skinny cubes to fit in bottle openings. – $8.39

41. Cracker Container
The technology exists, say no to stale crackers/cookies. – $10.49

40. Bagel Slicer
A compact Guillotine device to halve bagels. – $19.95

39. Snap On Strainer
Strainer device that clips onto the pot so no extra dish. – $10.59

38. Dumpling Cube
Build and crimp the perfect dumpling. – $19.99

37. Hot Dog Slicer
Fun and quick way to slice hot dogs for kids. – $8.68

36. Portion Control Dressing Cap
Put it on top of your fav bottle, separates out the right amount. – $6.99

35. 2-in-1 Oil and Vinegar Mister
Windex like container with separator to spray liquids together. – $19.99

34. Oreo Dipper
Custom stick that wraps cookie for dunking in milk or other. – $9.00

33. Microwave Cleaning Doll
Dish thing you fill with liquid, microwave and magically cleans. – $7.99

32. Ice Cream Slider Maker
Stencil that lets you compress cookies & ice cream into sandwich. – $7.44

31. Wallet Ninja
Tool from the future that fits in your wallet. – $11.79

30. Hands Free Sauce Stirrer
Three legged weight thing that allows it to sit upright and stir. – $12.99

29. Olive and Cherry Pitter
Intricate tool to remove pit from Olive/Cherry one-by-one. – $12.99

28. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Machine with spots for each component to make amazing sand. – $39.99

27. Flexible Measuring Cups
Great cups finally as durable as the task of cooking. – $19.99

26. Magnetic Knife Holder
Cool strip to add to wall that holds up knives. – $29.95

25. Bear Claw Meat Shredders
Hand tools to quickly and easily shred various meats. – $12.95

24. Watermelon Slicer
Like an apple slicer but much bigger. Metal slats in a plastic ring. – $21.99

23. Microwave Bacon Rack
Interestingly positioned tray to cook bacon. – $11.99

22. Sink Caddy
Sink hook on device that holds sponge for easy access and hygiene. – $10.99

21. Onion Holder
Looks like a hair pick. Slots for the knife to go through. – $12.95

20. Cake Batter Dispenser
Uses gravity to neatly dispense various batter without drip. – $15.99

19. Salad Cutter Bowl
Multi-purpose bowl with slots allowing you to no mess chop a salad. – $6.99

18. Corn Peeler
Circular device that runs over an ear and pulls kernels into storage. – $8.99

17. Strawberry Huller
Pick like tool that removes strawberry top for ease of eating. – $7.95

16. Toaster Grilled Cheese Pouches
Futuristic bags for grilled cheeses that allow cooking in toaster. – $12.99

15. Spiralizer
Rig that rotates vegetables at a spiral knife to make thin strands. – $29.97

14. Shrimp Deveiner Peel device
Magical tool that does the work of peeling and deveining shrimp. – $28.00

13. Dip Clip
Little dish addition that clips onto plate to hold dip. – $7.62

12. Herb Scissors
Specialty scissors with multiple blades specifically setup to cut herbs. – $6.99

11. Vacuum Sealer
Thin personal unit that sucks air out of bags and seals for freshness. – $52.99

10. Garlic Press
Crab leg cracker like tool that pushes garlic through press to shred. – $11.97

09. Heated Butter Knife
An easy winner for kitchen tools to make life easier. – $19.88

08. Pizza Scissors
Specialty scissors that are curved specifically to cut and serve pizza. – $10.96

07. Bag Sealing Caps
Small devices that go on the end of any bag to create legit seal. – $12.80

06. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer
Futuristic handheld device that does what the name says. – $13.99

05. Pancake Pen
Batter container with fine spout for precision pancake making. – $10.00

04. Silicone Food Huggers
Mailable suction material to go on unfinished fruit to create seal. – $12.95

03. Cut Resistant Gloves
New age fabric gloves that are nimble and protect. – $10.99

02. Infrared Thermometer
Small handheld device that reads temperature without touching. – $18.99

01. Air Fryer
Technology no one saw coming. A healthier fryer. – $99.99

If you have any tips on other kitchen tools to make life easier, let us know. We appreciate the tips and feedback!!

*Disclaimer: This page uses affiliate links, so if you do happen to buy something, we may get a bonus for that.

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